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Common Painting Problems You Might Face in Redmond, WA

Redmond Painting and Drywall SpecialistsIf you are searching for residential painting in Redmond, WA call Seattle Paint and Drywall at 425-771-5406 for the best quality money can buy. Don’t worry if the last Redmond painters you worked with did not work out as well as you thought because our painting company can fix any errors they might have caused.

Here are some common paint issues that the homeowners have to face often when dealing with not so great painting companies in Redmond, WA or when homeowners try the do it yourself approach to painting the home themselves..

  • Peeling off of the paint- this is the most common problem that the homeowners have to face with their paints. No matter how good quality paint you have used, it can peel off because of poor adhesion on the walls. This is usually a sign of an unnecessarily high number of paint coats done by the painter in Redmond. However, this peeling can also be caused because of moisture seeping into the walls because of bad plumbing. A good painting service would always make sure that the surface is prepared well before painting so that no problems like this occur in the future.
  • Blistering of the surfaces- this issue arises when Redmond painting is done on a warm surface. As a result of this, the paint loses adhesion in some area because of which bubbles or blisters start to appear on the walls. The painting company has to make sure that the painting surface has been prepared properly before any painting job is carried out. This would make house painting a breeze for you and you would never have to face any issues for a very long period of time.

These were some of the most common paint issues that you might have to go through after residential painting in Redmond, WA. However if you call Seattle Paint and Drywall at 425-771-5406, the good news is that these problems would be solved efficiently by our painting company in Redmond, WA. Call now for your free painting estimate.