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How to Find Residential Painting Companies in Seattle, WA

Seattle Painting and Drywall SpecialistsWhenever you have to opt for residential painting in Seattle, WA, you must always opt for the professionals at Seattle Paint and Drywall at 425-771-5406. This is because professional painters always provide you with the best services and also make sure that your job is finished on time in the soundest way possible. These Seattle painters are quite experienced in getting their job done. They have various equipment and have gone through extensive training to make sure that they paint your home well. As a homeowner, the best home improvements that you would make is definitely painting your house. Here are some of the basics that you should be expecting from a painter in Seattle.

  • Interior services- the interior services include staining, painting and clear finishing of the rooms. However, you would be getting much more from a good Seattle painting company. They would be adding wallpapers to the walls, adding textures and even faux finished to the surface. Not only this, they would be performing the entire drywall installation, millwork installation, plumbing, handyman and even electrical services. It is quite possible that they offer kitchen and bath remodeling services as well. Most of the good painting services do not strictly paint. They have a bigger catalogue of services on offer.
  • Exterior services- The most common job that a good painting company would do include the staining, painting, sealant and clear coating work. Apart from that, they would also be offer window replacement, window glazing, deck maintenance, power washing, repair services, handyman services and mildew and mold removal services. Most of the painting companies in and around Seattle would make sure that they don’t simply stick to the painting services. This is also the reason why they are so unique and provide great quality as well.
  • Credentials- you must also be looking for some trustworthy credentials about the painting contractors that you wish to hire. Look for their qualifications and licenses and pay special attention to their insurance contracts as well. This would help you in getting a good quality painting service. If possible, you can also ask them for the pictures of their previous works and some customer testimonials about their house painting jobs as well. A little research can help you find the best company for your job.

These were some of the most basic features that you should be looking for when it comes to residential painting in Seattle, WA. Remember, you should always opt for professionals that provide quality work and the best place to call is Seattle Paint and Drywall at 425-771-5406.